Peavey Mart opens in Winnipeg

Retail is kind of a big deal in Winnipeg, so much so that mayor Sam Katz cited Bed, Bath and Beyond as evidence that Winnipeg was undergoing a “renaissance” in a recent address.-fp– The opening of IKEA rocked the city and everyone is exciting about H&M coming to Polo Park shopping centre.

Big international or US chains generate the most buzz when they come to Winnipeg, but for a large segment of the population the opening of Canadian retailer Peavey Mart is probably much more meaningful.

The Alberta-based chain opened the doors at a former McDiarmid Lumber location off Nairn Avenue on Wednesday, March 26. (Thursday was their first full day of operation in Winnipeg.)

Peavey Store FrontI knew nothing about Peavey until this weekend. I checked them out after I saw their flyer in the paper ($20 rubber boots!) and found that they’re sort of a combination Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Cabela’s. The store is tidy (as you would expect for a brand new store), bright, and well laid out:

Peavey InsidePeavey Mart, together with Princess Auto across the street, form a powerful 1-2 punch for handyman/outdoorsy type folks.

That’s really all I have to say about that. More choice of places to shop is always a good thing, so welcome to Peavey Mart! My $20 rubber boots better not leak!

FYI: There ladies’ rubber boots too:

032914130355Peavey web site:
Peavey on Twitter: @peaveymart


4 thoughts on “Peavey Mart opens in Winnipeg

  1. Cheap rubber boots you say?
    Maybe not because we are prone to floods
    Ideal however for those Winnipeg folks who suffer exposure to politicians and are regularly inundated with the same stuff you find in have to continuously wade through it.

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