The Pan Am Place Iron Ride

Founded in 1968, the Pan Am Boxing Club, located in the heart of the Exchange District, is a Winnipeg institution and the oldest boxing gym in the city.

For decades, the not-for-profit boxing club has been training fighters and whipping people into shape. More recently it has become the anchor of Pan Am Place, a transitional housing program for young men.

Pan Am Place is a valuable program that provides a place to stay for young adults who are escaping drug abuse, rejoining mainstream society after a stay in prison, or otherwise rebuilding their life. But much more than that: it helps participants build character and skills that will last a lifetime and greatly improve their prospects of staying off the streets.

Every participant lives by the rules of the house, including helping with chores around the facility, going to school or work, and working out at the Pan Am Boxing Club. The workouts are key, as they instill discipline and confidence that carries over into all other aspects of their life.

Iron Ride 2018

The Iron Ride is a 24 hour stationary bike relay that raises money for Pan Am Place.  The money raised this year will be going to Pan Am Place 2 — a new home for at-risk young women modeled after the original Pan Am Place. The race runs the weekend of November 2-3. The goal this year is to raise $100,000 ($5000 per bike).

Donations can be made HERE. Put “Around This Town” in the optional participant field if you wish.

More photos from last year:

Pan Am Place President Harry Black who, at 61, is in approximately 3.5 times better shape than I ever have been or ever will be

2 completely random 2018 participants

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