Winnipeg Election: Email performance

Door-knocking is so old fashioned. The internet is where you want to be if you’re a candidate for Mayor, or anything else. It is inexpensive, has a wide reach, and can be an effective tool to engage voters.

How effective it is depends on how you use it. I have devised a scorecard based on bulletproof empirical methodologies to measure just how effective each of the current candidates have been thus far. I intend to look at each aspect of their internet and social media competency and grade them, starting with the most basic: email.


4 pts – has an email address
-1 : has more than one email address
+1 : not a gmail/shaw/aol/etc domain
2 pts – responded to my email inquiry
+1 : responded in less than 1 week
..+2 : responded in less than 2 days
+1 : concise, free of unnecessary pandering

My email inquiry was as follows:

“Good day,

As an undecided voter, I have a few questions for you as a candidate for mayor in the upcoming civic election:
1. Would you consider annexing key areas around Winnipeg to better control the growth of the city?
2. Would you implement “zipper merge” at lane closures on busy streets to help manage traffic?
3. Do you support implementing a formal protocol for the renaming of streets and other city landmarks?

Thank you in advance for your answers, and good luck in the election.

Max points: 10

Aslan, Hazem
:    (4 pts)
response: none     (0 pts)

Bowman, Brian Thomas Douglas  (4 pts)
response: none     (0 pts)

Duchene, Buck
email:   (4 pts)
response: 1 day, concise   (5 pts)
“Hello Derick and thank you for your questions.
1. I would consider placing aside key areas inside Winnipeg to make sure residential areas aren’t clogged by high traffic, road construction, and commercial intrusion, so yes I would.
2. Zipper merge lanes are still in the beginner stage, but the idea is sound. There should be an attempt to try them in order to reduce traffic line ups. The situation with zipper lanes is the onus is on the individual drivers.
3.” A formal protocol for renaming streets and other city landmarks”, to rename a street or landmark is odd in my opinion, but if something must be renamed, there should be a particular protocol. In the keeping of democracy, the choice should be the public’s choice not City halls to rename.
I would like to thank you again for your questions, please feel free to email as many as you can, it not only helps with understanding what the public is interested in seeing changed, but also gives new ideas to the approach of current situations.”

Fillion, Michel
email / (3 pts)
response: none   (0 pts)

Havixbeck, Paula
email   / (4 pts)
response: none (0 pts)

Ouellette, Robert-Falcon (4 pts)
response: 3 days, concise   (4 pts)
“1. That is a provincial issue I am proposing that people outside the city pay their fair share for city infrastructure that they often use.

2. Yes but it a form of education that is needed to be done. O believe it is already the law and permitted but the car culture in winnipeg does not do that.

3. City council should not be involved let a committee of citizen make the decisions using guidelines like other cities. City council should be looking at larger issues.

Robert falcon ouellette

Thanks for the questions.”

Sanders, David
email  (4 pts)
response: 4 days, concise   (4 pts)
“Hi Derick:

1. I wasn’t happy about the secession of Headingley from Winnipeg years ago. It would make sense to include some of the nearby bedroom communities and industrial parks in the City service and taxation area now. However, because of the recent history, I believe it would be more practical and effective for the City to take a strong position on the containment of urban sprawl and the need for greater coordination of the provision of urban services, and to press the Provincial Government to exercise its planning authority in a responsible manner. And the City needs to be setting a better example itself if it is going to expect the Province and our Capital Region neighbours to restrict development.
2. I had not heard of “zipper merge” before, but from what I have now read it seems like a very good idea, even if it will take people quite a while to get used to behaving quite differently.
3. Yes, I would support a formal protocol for renaming streets, etc. I question whether any naming honours should be changed without a lot of thought and a lot of notice to the community. It seems rather disrespectful of the original names, and unnecessary when there are many other ways of honouring new people.
Thank you for your interest. I hope you will find the upcoming mayoral debates informative and constructive, and that you will be able to vote for one of us with some enthusiasm.
Best wishes,


Steeves, Gord /    (4 pts)
response: none  (0 pts)

Vogiatzakis, Michael
email  /  (3 pts)
response: 1 day, concise  (5 pts)
“Good Morning,

I would love to answer your questions on my platform and anything else you need, I would love your vote so anything I can do to try and get you on my side,

Here are the answers to the questions,

1. Yes, we need to rebuild and restructure the city from the centre on outwards to better control the population of the city.

2. After a bit of research I think the zipper merge would be a great idea, I would definitely look at adding it to our roadways. If directions are followed properly it could be very efficient.

3. Yes, i think there should definitely be a protocol in place, not just random street renaming or landmarks.

Thank you for taking the time to ask the questions hope my answers are sufficient

Have a good day”

Wasylycia-Leis, Judy
email    (5 pts)
response: 13 days  (2 pts)
“Hello Derek

Thank you for taking the time to write to me about the issues that is important to you. I believe strongly that it is only through the hard work of engaged and active Winnipeg residents that our city can continue to move forward in a way that benefits everyone.

I made a campaign promise early on that if I am elected mayor, city hall will be guided by Winnipeggers. I think it is incredibly important to open the doors of the mayor’s office, listen to people and make sure that at the end of the day, everyone has a voice in the decisions that affect our future.

I believe strongly in responsible development. The new mixed use developments that have been occurring in downtown Winnipeg are an excellent example of how a city can grow to provide an increased downtown population while adding new services to the existing population. Municipal amalgamations are a decision that is made provincially, however I would be a key stakeholder in any such discussions. I recognize the challenges that are caused by the large number of developments occurring right outside the Perimeter highway, as our municipal resources are used by those not paying Winnipeg taxes.  I don’t have all of the answers to questions such as this. I do not believe that Winnipeg families want toll booths on roads entering the city, as others have proposed.

On zipper merges, I would be very interested to read information you have on this topic. I haven’t yet been briefed by city engineers on the benefits of the current system of barricades and signs that they use, or alternative systems, but as mayor of course I would want to be fully knowledgeable and engaged in ensuring that the least disruption is caused by our infrastructure renewal.

I believe in an open city hall. That means that I would ensure that Winnipeg families have more input into more of city hall. I don’t want to add red tape to city hall, but I do want to make sure that Winnipeggers get input into the names of new streets and landmarks. I would ensure that a consultation process was in place so that local residents are given the opportunity to provide their input into naming new local streets or parks.

I hope that following this fall I can count on you to work with me to ensure that Winnipeg continues to grow and prosper in a responsible way.




9 – Duchene, Buck
8 – Ouellette, Robert-Falcon
8 – Sanders, David
8 – Vogiatzakis, Michael
7 – Wasylycia-Leis, Judy
4 – Aslan, Hazem
4 – Bowman, Brian
4 – Havixbeck, Paula
4 – Steeves, Gord
3 – Fillion, Michel

4 thoughts on “Winnipeg Election: Email performance

  1. Have to admit I’m surprised at the lack of response from Bowman, considering how much he’s been pushing the whole social-media-focused campaign.

  2. Sanders comes across as being real genuine . Especially in the Burpee drive. How much more peggan can you be when you say ” both my parents are buried here ” – when relating to St.John’s Park. ( imagine , Ace didn’t even know it existed – I imagine lots of younger and newer peggers don’t know it exists either )

    He’s got my vote for the next term.

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