Art for Christmas?

Are you stressed and panicked because you’re running out of time to find a Christmas gift for somebody? Are you exhausted from walking through crowded malls and stores, aimlessly looking for some ideal gift that doesn’t seem to exist? Well, here’s an idea that might save the day:

Art classes.

Seriously. It’s unique and easy to buy, and is a gift that will be remembered forever. Buy it for yourself too!

WAG Studio, next to the Winnipeg Art Gallery, offers a variety of classes for both kids and adults. I took a drawing class and a painting class there, and had a blast at both.

There are plans to tear down and rebuild the old dilapidated studio, but don’t let the crusty old building deter you — the classes are interesting and fun. The teachers, at least for the introductory classes, are patient and helpful, and don’t try to foist any particular style on you. In fact, one of the best parts is seeing how different everyone’s art is.

That was particularly true of the painting class. We could all be painting the same object, but the individual results varied from colourful abstract expressions to detailed realistic pictures, with all levels of skill represented. You do not need to be “artistic” to take one of these classes. You just need a modest interest in art, and to be willing to free your mind a little.

If you’re concerned about your giftee or yourself not having enough talent to take the class, let me set your mind at ease by showing something that I drew in class:

122114183156I will not be auctioning that off for charity.

Most of what you do might not be very good, but you’ll be in good company there. Everybody has more misses than hits, but when you manage to do something that’s better than what you did the week before, it makes you feel pretty good.


At the end of the year WAG Studio has a little exhibition (or at least they used to) where the students can submit one or two of their favourite pieces from the class, and invite friends and family to the showing to see their art on display. It’s pretty cool.

So if you’re struggling to find a gift for a friend or family member, or just want to expand your creative horizons a little, give it some thought.


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